Saturday, September 30, 2006


shauna and i finished decorating the hallway today. thanks to kacie phillips for inspiration. and keith swinney for a killer map. i'm white. shauna's blue. red is just...special (like nac, franklin, splendora).

hopefully after our year-o-fun, our map will be more holey. especially that dang southern hemisphere. we have to hit that up.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

yes. yes.

test in the morning...seems that the best blogs are written under these circumstances. however, this is not guaranteed to be one of those "best blogs".

not much to say.

i studied with friends in the library for the first time in a long time tonight. it was good.

keith dailey is 21. that means i'm soon to be 21. and that is weird.

i admire my roommate and her discipline. i'm pretty sure it's like 839 times greater than mine.

every day i debate over these two things: 1) what to do next summer. 2) what to do the rest of my life.

sometimes i wonder if people will ever read my journals after i die. and if they will think i was deep or clever or inspiring. and sometimes i don't.

i don't know what i'll be doing next summer, or the rest of my life, but i do know that at some point within the next ten years, my best friend/roommate (who apparently will remain unnamed) and i are taking a year off of life and seeing the world. and this makes me a little happy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


"Only the pure in heart can make a good soup. Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup." -Ludwig Van Beethoven

lately, it has been brought to my attention that i consume an abnormally large amount of soup. so, to everyone who thinks this...i say to you: i think you eat an abnormally small amount of soup. and it is my humble opinion that everyone, without exception, should consume at least 2 bowls of soup per week, and this is a bare minimum for healthy living.
let me take a moment and outline this for you:

indeed, the wise man partaketh of the soup. The bible says "eat, drink, and be merry". i say to it all at once, with a nice bowl of soup.

"i live on good soup, not on fine words." -Moliere

Monday, September 04, 2006

yes, yes. here i am. update. i feel like so much has happened in the past few weeks. and i haven't been around to update anyone on it (as if the 2 people that read this don't already know exactly how my life is...but, just for the sake of the cause, let's pretend that some stranger (perhaps a tall dark and handsome stranger) reads this every once in a while, and we need to catch him up).

classes are ok. they're just awkwardly spaced.

i got a job at the SFA post office. so...i'm definitely reading everyone's postcards.

i'm all settled in the apartment. the bookshelf has books. the walls are [somewhat] decorated. i even had guests last night. far i've thoroughly enjoyed living with my best friend. especially when she reads me bedtime stories. or lets me use her computer to update my blog.

i've really enjoyed meeting the new freshmen at the bsm. it's definitely a quality group. and i'm excited about being able to work with all of them. it'll be nice.

well...that's about all that's going on with me. except for a few random outings to cheeseland, my life is pretty uneventful. complaints.

focus is this weekend. that should be nice.