Friday, July 17, 2009

roadtrip: first half.

as most of you (imaginary followers) know, i have dedicated this month of july to a roadtrip with my friend, aleece. we are journeying across the western half of the united states/canada. so far it has been delightful. i now remember why people like the united states. it's pleasant!

sorry for my inconsistent blogging. internet has not been overly accessible on this trip. so...i will give you an update of the first half of our trip.

stop one: santa fe, NM. spent the majority of our time visiting bandalier national park. passed the time in the evening watching steel magnolias in the tent. pleasant. pictured: some indian ruins.

stop two: the grand canyon, AZ. apparently we did the wrong thing by just driving to the south rim, taking picture and leaving. but...we did get to see it, which was our only goal. pictured: me and the canyon.

also, we stayed at the most magical campground in arizona--flinstone campground. stoners everywhere, here is your safe haven...

stop three: las vegas, NV. although initially disappointed with vegas because of its consumer-driven, sexually-exploited, american overinindulgant tendancies, we were quickly won over by a few unique experiences: the fountains at bellagio, $1 margaritas, and the most memorable of all, a drag queen magic show. pictured below: the best night vegas has ever seen.

the drive to and from vegas is horrible, and almost not worth getting to spend one night in vegas. on the way out, we passed through the mojave desert.

stop three: bakersfield, CA. hello krezinski family! my good friend chris and his wife kelly were gracious enough to let us stay with them for a few days. and, we were lucky enough to have chris take us to the sequoia national park for what turned out to be the greatest day of my life. behold, the most beautiful place on earth:

stop four: yosemite national park, CA. beautiful but overpopulated. too many people, but if you are adventurous enough to get off the path a little, it is pleasant. sadly...very sadly, my computer deleted the first 50ish pictures i took of yosemite. i was very sad for several hours, but it is out of my control, so...well...pictured below: the best that didn't get deleted.

stop five: redwood national forest, CA. probably great, but not after the sequoias. just kidding. but really, i think by this point we were a little numb to big trees and pretty forests. but still a pleasant time. below: the largest tree in the redwoods, the coast, the largest paul bunyan statue in the world (hopefully).

stop six: the oregon caves, OR. small but nice. i got a little antsy about being so closed in. pictured: me going deeper. and some cool formations. i stopped paying attention to figure out what they're called.

stop seven: portland, OR. visiting the greers! what a pleasant visit it has been so far. and, portland is quite the lovely city. so far so good. below: us and meredith. fun times.

well...that summarizes the last two weeks of my life. good weeks. more fun to come, including vancouver island, more of canada, minnesota, kansas, denver, then home. we think.

pleasant count: 5

Thursday, July 09, 2009

early summer happenings


sorry for the pause. i am currently on a month-long roadtrip with my friend aleece. so far, it has been very enjoyable....but i will post more about that later.

for now, i wanted to document the beginnings of my summer...2 weddings, a baptism and a trip to the lake.

first of stops: the wedding of haleigh ballow and caleb howe. a few of us after the reception:

and...the wedding of katelin lawrence and bucky demel. at the reception:

and...the closest thing we got to a group pic at the lake...boy time, girl time. precious.

and...i lack documentation from the baptism. just know that it was great.

more roadtrip pics to come soon.

tomorrow, off to yosemite...