Thursday, August 23, 2007

nacogdoches i'm back.

it's been interesting so far.

today was my first day to sleep in since may 23rd. and of course my alarm went off at 7:30. even though it decided not go off at 7:30 yesterday, when i actually wanted it to. well.

i also got a new computer, which excites me. so far, so good.

i start back at work and school on monday. i think i'm ok with that. i looked online at the list of books i'm going to need. it is large and in charge. but hey, i'm starting to develop an appreciation for books, so...maybe i'll be alright.

speaking of which...

i am currently reading the best books i've ever read. straight up.

the mark of the lion series by francine rivers. i'm on the second book. and it is good. (please take into consideration the fact that i am not a reader, and have a very limited selection with which to compare these.)

yes, well...back in the swing of things.

see you soon.