Monday, October 29, 2007


so...i've been doing a little bit of traveling this semester. some for amie's wedding preparation, some for BSM events, and some for camp things. i've been gone from nac all but one weekend since i got back from the summer. for the most part, they've been enjoyable trips. so far this semester, i've been to dallas 3 times, franklin twice, waco once, college station once, tyler once, and amarillo once. general, i don't really mind to drive. however, i guess that i have reached my limit of hours in my car by myself. usually the ipod is enough to keep me entertained until i've reached my destination, but...i have begun to feel like i am just wasting my life away listening to music.
so...i bought an audiobook. a "book on tape" if you will. i'm usually a pretty visual learner. really NOT an audio learner, so i was hesitant. anyway....the point...i bought shane claiborne's irresistable revolution. it was recommended to me twice by two very different people, so i thought it was probably worth looking at. all this to say...i really am enjoying it. it is definitely a lot to take in. part of it seems a little preachy or "my way is the right way", but i think it helps that i am listening to him speak i can get his tone or hear him laugh when he's joking or i can realize that he's not really being as cynical as he is optimistic.
yes....i like it. but, i think it was the wrong book to buy in an audio version. i think i need a good storyline to listen to...not some deep theological/spiritual content. i need to read and reread that kind of thing. i need to sit it down and come back to what i've underlined in half an hour. this is hard when i don't have paper. or a bookmark.
anyway...all of this to say...i like the book. i feel like it articulates a lot of the feelings i have inside of me. and challenges me in somewhat personal ways. i would definitely recommend the first 4 hours of it to you. i'll get back to you on the last 4.
i look forward to listening more next weekend. yes.

destinations for the remainder of the semester: back to dallas, then waco, austin, and finally franklin for wedding of the century (pictures SURE to follow.)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

food for thought.

so i've hit my tires [hard] on the curb the past 3 times i've pulled into my spot at the BSM.

what does this mean?

my friend posted a few camp pictures on facebook this week. this would be my favorite: