Friday, May 15, 2009


thank you everyone for your vast support of my communal living ideas. i guess i will just have to live communally by myself. ...think about it. no, i know it seems ridiculous and out there. i just still think it's...right.

i'm headed to el paso tomorrow for a mission trip. necesito practicar mi espanol. real bad.

another exciting trip in my near future would be a little adventure i'm planning with ms. aleece methvin. since i don't want to type 1000 words, i will leave you with this:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

communal living

i want to live communally, but i'm afraid of getting taken advantage of.
i wish we could all just share everything.
i think the idea of claiming land, putting up a fence, calling it your own, and not letting anyone else enter is an interesting idea, although now completely socially acceptable and necessary. but i feel like if it never existed, then it would never need to.
i hate money. if it never existed, it would never need to.
if we all just loved each other, and instead of hoarding up our excess, we just shared, and took what we needed, then the world would be pleasant.

these are all thoughts of an idealist.

*i realize there are colonies of communal living sprouting up. they are not exactly what i had in mind. they're for the benefit of the planet, not so much the disadvantaged.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

cinco de mayo


it's cinco de mayo. in celebration of this special holiday, i have decided to return to the blog. all apologies for the long absence. [i started writing this on may 5th. today is not cinco de mayo. sorry to be misleading.]

the past few months have proven to be exciting, challenging, fun, exhausting...and...lots of other emotions. west texas is an adventure.

a few highlights:

i hang out mostly with boys. i don't know how this happened, i just know that it happened. one delightful weekend, we took off to ruidoso, new mexico.

me and the boys:

i also ventured south for a spring break mission trip called beach reach. this trip was co-ed.

the boys and the girls:

a lot more has happened this semester. but i feel as if i might just have to apologize for not keeping you updated, and recommit to updating this more often. the last 4 months of my life will remain a vast mystery.

one last note: star trek was awesome.