Saturday, March 25, 2006


ok, so i wrote a hate post. and...that put a bit of a negative twist on the blog.

so, i think i should follow up with a "love" post. these are a few things i love. most of these are pretty personal shout-outs. but, i think i like it...see what you think...

i love...

Not knowing my future.
God's word.
When my friends have a good day.
Making an A.
Helping people.
Quality time with good friends.
Saving money.
When people love their job.
Growing up in Franklin, Texas.
Seeing people happy.
Seeing people find their happiness in the Lord.
Making good decisions.
Robert’s Nike shorts.
My small group.
My family.

any additions?

Friday, March 17, 2006


so, i've just returned from new orleans. we spent a few days there gutting out houses so people can rebuild. among the hard work, we managed to have a little fun. here are a few of the pics.

we had to wear these sweet action suits and masks to protect us from all the black mold.

this picture makes me laugh a whole lot. too bad i didn't snap one while keith was wearing the helmet jumping the ramp.

i fell down tuesday. and hit my neck on a board with a rusty nail sticking out. and all i got was a bruise on my knee and this lousy scrape...that looks surprisingly like a hickey.

there you have it. too bad i didn't get any pictures of the actual work. but i'm sure that other people did. so...i'll keep you posted on that. perhaps a deeper post will come later.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


i have a test in the morning. i have not started studying. once again, would you expect anything less than a blog update??

hate is a strong word. i try not to overuse it for the good stuff. with that said, i've been compiling a list over the past few weeks. now, i must make it clear that there really aren't that many things that i hate. i'm really pretty happy, and the things i love far outweigh the things i hate. but, everyone has a few things they just really don't like...

i hate:

Wrinkles (clothes and body)
Arguing over stupid issues
Getting out of the shower
Outgrowing clothes
Seeing people suffer
Malfunctioning electronics
When rain gets the bottom of your jeans wet
Going to bed upset
When Christians misrepresent Jesus
Selfish parkers
Living in a dorm

yes yes. there you have it. things i would put the word hate in front of. feel free to compile your own list, or add to mine.

reed out.

Monday, March 06, 2006

little black sambo

moving on...
look familiar?? if you're blessed like me, you will recognize this as one of your favorite childhood story characters. his name is little black sambo, son of black mumbo and black jumbo.
it's arguably the best kid's book ever written. sambo gets a new outfit, but a bunch of tigers steal it. then the tigers get mad and fight over who's the coolest...and they fight so hard and in such a tight circle that they end up turning into a large pile of butter. (i wish i was making this up...but,'s all in the book.) then sambo's mom cooks pancakes in tiger butter...and they all eat a ridiculous amount. the end.
has anyone else heard of this story?? i'm beginning to think that i just had a weird childhood. noone else knew about denver the last dinosaur, either. and he was totally legit. hmmm...
so yeah, if you know about sambo, let me know. we can have a book reading party or something.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

triple the excitement.

ok, so this blog really has 3 main parts. 3 parts that could easily be made into 3 seperate blogs. however, from past experience, i have learned that 3 consecutive blogs will lead to neglect of the first, you get a 3-for-1.

number 1. me.
today, i had a realization. i'm not sure how big it was. i suppose time will tell. but...i think i'm realizing more and more how to identify the sin in my life. and attempt to eliminate it. i never really thought that my laziness or lack of ambition could be used by satan in such ways. i've never seen how much it hinders me. or how much i could be doing and am not. i'm smart. not ridiculously smart, but smart enough. smart enough to never fail a class. smart enough to get alot of stuff done. and it's stupid for me to not. not only is it stupid, it's irresponsible and immature. and i definitely did not think it would be the largest obstacle for me to overcome is my college years. but, there's alot of stuff i didn't think about.

number 2. sorry chris, but you earned this one...

hybernator11 (12:15:15 AM): you should include me in your blog!

kleptokaty (1:09:48 AM): about to write it.
hybernator11 (1:09:55 AM): mention me!

number 3. deep spiritual insight. is what i need.
i'm not a biblical scholar. i have no trouble admitting this. and alot of times i get confused on what is truth and what is just what i've been taught. with that said...a friend brought up a question. and i don't have an answer. so now, i have a question.
what did paul mean in colossians 1:23 when he said "this is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven"? because the gospel has not been proclaimed to every creature. (yes...creature, not person...cats, perhaps, shauna?...just maybe.) and i know in romans 1:20 it talks about God being revealed from "what he has made". but...this isn't the gospel of Jesus revealed, so...once again...what is paul meaning when he says that every creature under heaven has heard this?
i'm confident that a few of you have an answer. and i would like that answer.
last time i posted a biblical question on my xanga, i got real gay responses that didn't answer my question. however, this is a much better audience. and i expect much better things.