Monday, January 30, 2006 will...


i really don't have much to say, but i feel the need to update. so...updation.

right now the majority of my energy is going into not freaking out about school. so...most of my energy is spend preventatively...therefore if i ever look worn is a wearing produced by many hours of energy spent in an effort not to do do nothing. so...if you see me, and i look rough...but calm...then i have succeeded in doing relatively nothing, which will most likely be my largest success of the day, and you should then hug me.

i saw a cute, young, church-going married couple and their kid in chili's today. they pretty much affirmed the fact that marriage and a family will most definitely not be the biggest thing that ever happens to me. this was a good discovery...well worth $12.

next time..something more entertaining. perhaps you could give me a topic...i might...write a poem or something...

Friday, January 27, 2006

emotion! i'm not a machine!

so, i got the computer back. it's running beautifully. and i'm way grateful to have it back.
i got all my music from my ipod to my computer, updated it, and now have it all on my ipod again. woot.

HOWEVER, i've got some bad news. devestating news. tragic, one might say.
so i found this killer program where you can get all your photos off your ipod and put them on your computer! perfect, right? perfect WRONG.
when i originally loaded all my pictures on my ipod there was a small box that i neglected to check. what box is this? and why is it so important?? let me just tell you exactly what the text next to the box says: "include full-resolution photos". INCLUDE FULL-RESOLUTION PHOTOS.
oooooh, hindsight.
so, i had access to 1700 low-quality crap pictures.
please take a moment to realize that this is pretty much the only collection of photos i own from my entire college life.
so i kept 174 of my favorite pictures. my favorite 2x2 low resolution pictures. sigh.

but, i really think i'm gonna be ok. it was one of those ridiculous i-just-got-my-insides-stomped-and-beaten feelings, but...i'm not crying anymore, and i think i can recover at least...a fourth of the pictures. and i'm sure that most of them weren't that great anyway.
so, i thought i'd leave you with this...a few of my low resolution and crappy as they may be.

Friday, January 20, 2006

so...a new semester...

so...spring 06...

i'm not gonna lie...i wrote one of the best posts i've ever written earlier. it was beautiful....i used words i didn't even know. however, kate's computer froze. have to read this.

long story short...i'm taking 18 hours, 3 of which will be my death. i finally ordered the rescue discs for my ghetto laptop and hp decided to charge me twice. i've had the song "i'm in over my head" and the aggie war hymn in my head for the past 2 days.

so there you have it. everything i had in the last post without the best display of literary/grammatical talent ever known to man. sigh.

Monday, January 16, 2006

for all you titanic lovers out there...

so i'm back in nac.

i got my computer back friday. i spent all night last night putting the essentials on it (aim, itunes, all my old music, etc.). i'm definitely not very impressed with the way it's running, though. i'm getting a ton of error messages and certain programs keep freezing up on me and all that junk. so, i'm not sure how i'm gonna handle that one. i suppose complaining is the current avenue of choice. cool.

three cheers for me seeing barrett doke tomorrow! hip hip...
and perhaps some quality time with shauna swinney! horray!
i will also be reunited with the bsm tomorrow. woot.

yes, tomorrow promises to be good.

shauna, this cd is...greatness. the end.

Friday, January 13, 2006

guilt trip? yes, please.

as if it didn't take us an entire month to get the courage to actually purchase these suckers...
now we have to live with the guilt of a lost friend and family member.

mouse guard, who are you??

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i'm pretty much cripple.

so i've noticed this only in the past few months and i don't know if it's been around all my life and i just never noticed or what...but check this out.

i put WAY more weight on my right foot than my left.

examples A, B and C:

what the heck?

Saturday, January 07, 2006


what to write...

in less than a week i will be back in nac. this brings me much joy.

passion was oh so good, as was the quality time spent with my 2 best girl friends.

i'm not looking forward to this semester. $5500 for something i'm already dreading? hmm...

i'm about to start reading "don't waste your life" by john piper. perhaps this will deliver some motivation. that is the desired result, at least.

there's at least one mouse in my house.

new year's resolution: stop growing.

sorry i wasn't more entertaining.