Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i have really wonderful relationships.  the older i get, the more i understand that this is not the case for everyone.  it's actually kind of rare.  a lot of people don't have "people".  i think it's one of the reasons i loved my bsm job so much.  i get to create opportunities for people to find their "people".  bsm is how i found my "people".
at 25 and single, i've found that a lot of people's "people" start to find other "people", namely husbands and babies, and other people with husbands and babies.  however, i have found that i somehow got to side-step the lonely road that should be 25 and single.  it was a surprisingly un-lonely journey for me.  especially this last year.  and i feel the need to thank three specific people:

 Chase Gandy Dunn.  my loyal co-worker and friend.  My job got about 300% better when Chase came to work with us.  I saw Chase almost every day for 10-months.  He sat about 8 feet away from me, we spent about 50 hours a week together, and still chose to hang out on the weekends.  He acted as personal assistant, therapist, sounding board, think-tanker, personal driver,  and provided MUCH necessary comic-relief and sympathy when no one else understood.  Thank you, Chase Dunn.  Let's be friends forever.

Kristen McMath.  I met Kristen as a kind of favor to our mutual friend Lauren.  We had a "blind date" and assumed nothing would come of it (because that's not how friendships happen...awkward).  But, turns out, I think we were both in need of someone to process life with.  Although neither of us would normally be confident enough to say a phrase like this, I think God had a hand in bringing us together this last year of life.  Thank you, Kristen McMath.  I'm happy you're going to stay close in this next phase of life.

Aleece Methvin:  How does one describe Aleece Methvin? Aleece is one of the most unique people I know.  She's a ridiculous mix of sass, sarcasm, compassion and honesty.  She'll cuss you out and bake you a cupcake all at the same time.  She was a hipster before there were hipsters, and will continue to be one when they're all gone.  She's up for anything, with anyone, at any time.
Aleece has provided more adventure and companionship in this last season of life than anyone else.  I'm grateful for her, and confident she will not be replaced.  Thank you, Aleece Methvin.  I pray we have many more adventures together.

thanks to my people.  you're great.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

functioning skepticism

I feel I should title this next stage of my life as "seminary for the skeptic". Because that seems to be the most fitting word to describe where I'm headed. In fact, I believe skepticism rightly describes me in more than one setting.

I might actually label my whole life as some sort of "functioning skepticism". I feel that for the amount of doubts and questions I have, I am surprisingly committed and productive, especially as it comes with Christianity.

And my deep hope is that seminary doesn't just drown the whole thing with intellectual, non-applicable BS that acts as concrete boots.

Because, ultimately, I'm doing this whole thing for the skeptic and the cynic. I want to sort all of this out for us. I know you're watching...with some subtle (or not so subtle) hope that I'll prove it all right. And hoping you don't have to face the day I admit that I got it wrong and we both have to figure out what to believe and what to do with our Sunday mornings.

Me too. I pray I never face that day. And functionally-skeptically say it will never come. :)