Wednesday, May 23, 2007


so i'm on my way to camp. it should be ok. sometimes i wonder why i want this. but i think it will be good. but i will miss my roommate. and not having to sleep underneath someone.

i promise updates.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

holy moly.

i'm a little shocked. and i little way too excited for my own good. i got a C in western civ II. and it makes me very, very happy. i had pretty much come to terms with the fact that i was going to have to take it again next semester. DON'T. so, thanks, Jesus.

in other news, my week has been spent wedding planning with my best friend, amie. today involved bridesmaid dresses, invitations, flowers, the church, and a search for the perfect place for the reception. and surprisingly, i'm really enjoying it. i like having a part in this. and it's good that we have the same taste. so i don't have to lie when i tell her i like things.

camp in a week. kind of excited, kind of not. will be good.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i'm a rebel.

but not really.

i will be very happy when my room is clean. i enjoy it very much. but apparently not quite enough to keep it that way.

i currently have 3 gifts in my room waiting to be given. this brings me much excitement/anticipation.

i bought the new damien rice cd. it is very nice, i only wish there was a clean version i could have purchased. one song started off good, but then crashed and burned with a long string of F-bombs. needless to say, i will try to keep that one out of the rotation. disappointing, though.

i'm beginning to get excited about camp, and also a little sad about leaving.

five finals down. one to go. but i can't seem to study. sound familiar? yes.

my professor (who reeked of hard liquor) told me she didn't like my major today. and it has got me thinking. but i doubt that it will result in change.

i like shauna's rabbit. we're friends now.

ok, i have to learn some HTML before i fall asleep. i'm sorry this is random and somewhat pointless, my defense...1) it's been a while since i've written a post like this, 2) it's late, and 3) it's finals week.

Monday, May 07, 2007

zero complaints.

so...after a weekend at home talking to one of my mom's friends (and my friends' mom), i have decided to have no more complaining in my life. this even includes any negativity, and any hurtful or slanderous sarcasm.

apparently there's a new book coming out about it that's supposed to be the new craze. and the idea involved a little purple rubber bracelet (how trendy) and you switch it from hand to hand everytime you say something negative. so the goal is to keep it on one hand for 21 days. (!) the author says on average it takes a person 7 months to complete 21 days.

so i'm gonna do it. i mean...maybe not exactly that...but more of a zero-negativity policy in general. because for real...there's nothing fun about a negative person. it gets old quick. and i don't think it's what God likes, either. so, i think it will be a positive experience for all involved.

and...this isn't just not negative. it's more than neutral...i want to be positive. so punch me in the face if you hear something negative. please.