Friday, August 06, 2010

thoughts on boredom...

hello.  i have a few key topics i would like to blog about.  they are completely unrelated, so they will demand their own posts.  i will start with the lightest topic, and perhaps on a more reflective day i will go in to more detail on the other few items.

i have recently been thinking about boredom.  i fell that i am usually very good at entertaining myself.  and very seldom would i really claim that i am bored.  this may almost be to a fault. i can waste an entire day and not even know it.  because it just doesn't take much to keep me occupied and happy.
however, with that said...i have realized that sometimes i do claim to be bored.  especially in my younger years, i would often complain about being bored.  and often i see facebook statuses of other people claiming boredom.
from my own self analysis (over-analysis) i have found this to be true:  my boredom only comes when i feel left out.  almost always, i'm really not bored, i'm just aware that there is something way better i could be doing, but i didn't get invited, or am just unable to be doing it.  and i think i express it in boredom.  and discontent.

but really, when i say i'm bored, it probably means i'd just rather be doing that one thing that i can't be doing, either because my friends didn't invite me, or because my circumstances won't allow me to do it.

in other words, it's all in my head.

if you read this whole thing, i am grateful for your commitment to our friendship.  because i just read over it, and it is barely worthy of a journal entry that no one would ever read.

you're lovely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting incite!

8/06/2010 10:17 PM  
Blogger Rebecca Rabb said...

I AM lovely. its true.
baahaha ;) jk!

9/13/2010 6:09 PM  
Blogger Julie-the-Dazed said...

in most of cases I feel da same way,
But I'm always layin a blame on ma laziness. haah
it's like when ya feel bored,and ya know what could supress it, but ya dnt wanna, exuse me, take ur ass out of a chair and luunch into doing smth more pleasant nd usefull, than surfing through the net. But there r some cases when I put some efforts - and I can be proud of mahself. lol . Sorta "yea.Yer good Julie. ya gave up slackin aroundand complainin yer bored and started 2 act! Ya've slay a boredom!" :DDD

10/27/2010 9:48 AM  
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Blogger Уля said...

It's interesting that you defined your boredom in relation to others. That's probably an important distinction, since when it's you relating to yourself, you're able to keep yourself occupied and entertained.

12/15/2013 2:02 AM  

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