Monday, March 31, 2008

anywhere but LA, Jesus.

so...small realization.

there are really 2 places in my mind that i would just NOT want to live. places in which i would NEVER just pack up and decide to set up a residence. and those places are both LA's: Los Angeles and Louisiana.

i don't know why. I have a lot of friends from Louisiana and i like them just fine. they are actually really great people. and, it's only an hour from where i live now. probably not a big difference. just could never get excited about that.

and LA...oh dear. i think i might just be extremely opposite of that city. i'm sure there's great stuff there as well., no thanks.

please Lord, do not call me to LA.

Friday, March 28, 2008

thought of the day.

i've been thinking.

i blog more when i'm 1) bored and 2) don't have another outlet. and right now, i'm not bored too often, and i seem to have a sufficient amount of people to listen to me.

so...if i haven't had too many posts lately, it's because i'm busy and...blessed.

that is all.

more to come, when my life slows down and my friends abandon me.

*edit: one large #3 i need to add. i also blog more when 3) there is actually interesting stuff going on in my mind...thoughts worthy of recording. yes.

Monday, March 17, 2008

you? me? me? you?

so...spring break...hello goodbye.

a few highlights:

steven hogue and his random, random mind.

sadly, i think you had to be there to get it.'s a little snippet to help you relate:

hope that helps.

there was also the nightly kansas ultimate reality tour...or something....

and...oh yeah...the whole reason we went to greensburg:

working. helping out. giving back. being Jesus' hands and feet. servant evangelizing. doing to others what i would have them do to me, etc.

yes, well...that was pretty much the trip. i would say my favorite part was the hang-out/get to know you part. especially with my 4 roommates. good times.