Friday, March 26, 2010


i feel that facebook and twitter and every other form of instant update socialization + my lack of time = my lame, non-existent blog life. and i apologize for that. i really enjoy blogging. but i have just not been inspired lately.

my life is good. i am happy. and very blessed. i am more aware of my abundance now than maybe i have ever been. i also feel that this semester has been the most challenging/refining one yet. not easy, but good.

i recently have been desiring to get more serious about photography. it seems like it's everyone's #1 hobby, so i almost feel like a sell-out for claiming it. art is not something i excel at, but i do enjoy the process of creating. i specifically like the challenge of finding beauty around me. these are a few taken from my house:

my beloved paco. this is not his first appearance on the blog: backyard. (i boosted some color on this one, but for some reason it is not loading...)

that is all. i make no promises on the timeliness of my next update.