Tuesday, June 03, 2008

depth and wisdom.

i want to be deep. and wise (almost like the vbs song).
however, i am not.

i am relatively shallow most of the time. i mean...every once in a while i have a profound thought. but for the most part, i pretty much take things at surface level. i am somewhat gullible and often don't read into things as much as i could. i often times find it difficult to take a conversation to a deep level. that is reality.

i also lack wisdom. i want to be wise in the Lord. i want to give wise advise and live wisely. i want to choose my friends wisely and spend my timeand money wisely. but...i don't. i'm really more foolish than wise.

yes...i'm shallow and foolish. outwardly, i probably don't look like the posterchild for foolish shallow people, but...i feel that way. i would like more.

so...perhaps this is should be called summer 2008: the pursuit of wisdom and depth.

wish me luck.

...i'm pretty sure i know where to look.