Thursday, August 27, 2009

recent revelations

i hate hot. i have recently been trying out a number of sleeping situations to optimize both my comfort and energy efficiency levels. this involves a very complicated combination of my window unit, oscillating fans and thinner well as a new contraption i have rigged involving a shower curtain, chip clips and a handful of nails (in order to channel the cold air from the window unit into my bedroom). also, i received some very helpful advice from my friend sarah: it is not wasteful to sleep with the air conditioner on. thank you. two things could vastly improve my sleeping conditions: 1) central A/C or 2) autumn. i am not sure which will come first.

i have an abnormal fear of having surprise guests show up while i'm in the shower. to the degree where i plan showers differently. the woes of living alone: paranoia.

i have too much silverware. 5 days ago, i had too little. thank you ikea bargain bin.

i believe i have been around people too much lately. i enjoy it for the most part. but, if i could calculate how much time i get to myself, i think it would be astoundingly small. i think it's unhealthy. in the past two months, i believe i've spent 14 nights by myself (out of 62). that's not counting evenings, that's overnighters. ! this is a combination of one giant roadtrip, camp, an intern retreat and general friendship. alone time: necessary.

i feel like i could be living a more abundant life. i would not change anything big about my life in the way of my job or friends or living situation. but i feel that my spirit could be more alive. i am going to pursue that.

thank you very much.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

roadtrip: second half

it was awesome!!!

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