Saturday, January 16, 2010

thoughts on God.

a good thought from a book i'm reading:

"The Master's life of communion with the Father is evidenced in his way of thinking and speaking about God. Only a limited part of our thought of God has sprung from our own immediate experience of him, our communion with him in prayer, our consciousness of his voice in conscience and ideals; only a little has come through the experience of forgiveness and the practice of his presence. But in Jesus you find no borrowed thoughts on God. We clamber up to God; he starts with God as an immediate intuition. God never is in his thought as an hypothesis to explain the world, never is discovered as a conclusion at the end of an argument; God, in a word, is not so much with the Master an object of thought as the subject of inward experience."
--Henry Emerson Fosdick, The Manhood of the Master

it is my prayer that as my journey continues, my view of God is shaped more and more by experience and less by borrowed thoughts.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


two questions that have been the basis of most my decisions lately:
  • 1. financially: how will this money best be used to advance the kingdom/show the love of Christ?
  • 2. dietary: will this food help or hinder my goal of looking hot for shauna's wedding?

two factors that will increase my blog updating:
  • 1. as of tomorrow i will have internet access at home.
  • 2. i now have memory on my computer, therefore i can share information (photos, etc.) from my home computer again.
two things i just think you should know:
  • i am now a twitter-er. it is useless but fun. follow me at
  • i am in the process of hanging a shelf. i feel for some reason that it has taken a decent amount of effort. it really hasn't. but i think i will be proud when it is done. pictures to follow.
returning soon. promise.