Tuesday, September 30, 2008

for updation's sake.

so it's been a few days. all apologies.

i feel that there is nothing of great significance to post about, my life is becoming a little more mundane, which is suppose is expected.

i've been in costa rica for 6 weeks today. been at the school for 3 weeks. i've begun to teach a little--i've taken over a sixth grade class and tomorrow i get full control of a 10th as well. soon to come: 7th and 11th. good stuff. i like the kids. it's a good school. i've added a lot more information about the school (and my life) in my e-mails. if you're reading this and would like the e-mails, let me know.

as i have already pointed out to shauna--i've realized that a lot of the women here have a very poor awareness of their undergarments. like...they always wear really see-through shirts with bright white bras. or really tight shirts with really bumpy/decorated bras. always.

i'm getting excited about having a few friends come visit. i miss good friends.

i went to a big soccer rivalry game here. i plan on posting pictures here soon.

ok...that is all...i'm still alive. life is good.

pura vida.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

arenal, la fortuna waterfall, monteverde, etc.

so we headed to the mountains this weekend to do some orientation with my professor and the dean of education. it was a good time. mostly because of it's beautiful scenery. here is a waterfall we hiked to...notice the people swimming at the bottom.

also, here's a view of arenal volcano from our van ride. nice.

and...perhaps the coolest part of it all would be the ziplining through (actually, it was more above) the rainforest. hopefully this video will load and you can watch it.

started student teaching today. so far so good. i like my mentor teacher, so that is excellent. right now i'm just trying to observe it all and get my feet on the ground.

i also move into my new host home today. let's hope they're good, because i will be with them all semester. cross your fingers.

more to come.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

the host family

hello again.
so...day 16 is wrapping up, and this is now officially the longest time i've spent in another country. uncharted territory from here.

i moved out of my moravia host home today. we took a group photo:

that's jake, joe, fanny, lucky (on the lap), and me. behind us is one of joe's paintings. pretty good, yeah?

here's another. my personal favorite:

yes...i have to say that as far as host families go, jake and i lucked out. they were very hospitable and very caring. they allowed us to be a part of their lives and treated us very well. so thanks to them for being so generous with their lives/home. i expect many future visits. also, it should be noted that i have been knighted as katy ramos-martin. sorry reeds.

one final (and very exciting!) note. we have been reunited:

after shipping them off to be restrapped, and having them arrive the day after i departed for costa rica, i was happily reunited with my chacos today after several long weeks of waiting. i don't think i've ever been happier to see shoes.

that is probably enough information for now. i should mention that there was a pretty great photo shoot that took place the other night, and i will be sure to post pictures shortly.

we're headed to arenal volcano tomorrow morning. should be cool.

thanks for reading.