Friday, October 23, 2009

lady books

this semester i feel as if i have been doing more ministry in the way of "women's ministry" than i ever thought i would. this is not a complaint. i feel like it's what the Lord has for me. and i feel like i'm making a difference. i've just never particularly had a passion for reminding girls that they are daughters of the king, and one day their prince will come.

and, sadly, this is the negative stereotype i have of women's ministry. that it is a series of self-seeking retreats and sleepovers full of girl-time, gossip and absolute envy of anyone and everyone who is married/dating. (and i really like girl time! i do! i just don't want to facilitate it for a career.)

a few weeks ago i thought i might run off a few copies of a section of a book i [half-way] read in college, because i remember it having a few good points. upon re-reading it, i was a little disappointed in the points it was trying to make.

thus...a line by like analysis of why i don't like most lady books: Lady In Waiting, p 15

Take your alabaster box to Jesus and break it in His presence, for He is worthy of such honor.--good. lay everything you have aside in the pursuit of Jesus.
Having responded to your heavenly Bridegroom in such a manner you can wait with confident assurance that, if it be God's will, He will provide you with an earthly bridegroom.--mm...what is the ultimate goal here? radically pursuing Jesus, or getting a husband? and, what's the wait all about? what are we waiting for? live your life, women!
How do you know if you have broken your alabaster box at the feet of Jesus? Such a decision will be relected in reckless abandonment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.--agreed. good again.
When the Lord gives you a difficult assignment, such as another dateless month, you receive His terms without resentment.--i do not view this as an assignment. i view moving to Africa as an assignment. if the ultimate goal in the pursuit of God is to gain enough strength to last 30 days without a date, then we are thinking too small.
Your attitude will reflect Mary's response to the angel when she, as a single woman, was give a most difficult assignment. Mary said, "I belong to the Lord, body and soul...let it happen as you say..."(Luke 1:38). --good again. i'm not fond of the comparison between a dateless month and being divinely impregnated as an unmarried woman in a completely intolerant culture, but...i do like what Mary says. we belong to the Lord! and we want to do what He wants. period.

i am in no way in opposition to women's ministry. i just never want to make the mistake of selling our women short and not challenging them beyond these stereotypes. let's live our lives!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

fun with light

i should start with this: i have the best boss ever. his name is arlano (are-lane-oh). he's really nice, super-wise, always supportive, never disappointed, etc. a lot like Jesus he is.

anyway...about a month ago, we had a discussion about digital SLR cameras. arlano has a really nice nikon d90. and we were talking about the differences in the models, etc. anyway...arlano, in his infinite generosity, decided he would indefinitely loan me his old camera, a Nikon d70. i feel generally undeserving of this sweet camera. i mean...i don't really even know the intricasies of my canon powershot. it's like giving a taylor guitar to someone who barely knows how to play her beginner alvarez (also me).

anyway...yesterday, i got to utilize the camera. what i consider to be my first successful photos with this camera:

hopefully there will be more to come.