Friday, May 19, 2006

yes. yes. not here.

off to camp for the week.

and i cut my hair. it's really not this poofy.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


so home is where the heart is, eh? i guess i just have to figure out where my heart is now.

i've been thinking about that...about where i feel most comfortable, most...homey. and i can't really pinpoint it. the dorm is comfortable. it's very homey. i was my home for 2 years. but, i dunno...i was pretty comfortable at shauna's house. but...obviously that wasn't home. i'm comfortable here at my parent's house. it's not like i feel like a visitor or anything...i feel free to do whatever...i lived with them for 18 years, but it's still not "home". they've changed. i've changed. things are just different.

a few things that i do feel very comfortable with, very homey with, would be my laptop, my car, my NIV life application study bible, and paco. those 4 things bring alot of peace...all in different ways. and only 2 of them can go with me all summer.
and as far as permanent living places go, i guess that will come a bit more after the summer. but until then...i guess i'll find my home with Jesus. oh, katy, how cheesy (yet completely honest) you can be. this really is a time where the whole "God is unchanging" thing is quite comforting. and i like it.

speaking of summer...i thought i'd give you a detailed schedule. just in case you wanted to know:
today-may 18: franklin, texas.
may 19-may 27: pine cove.
may 28-june 15: franklin, texas (with a brief but exciting splendora/dallas excursion)
june 16-june 30: northern africa.
july 1-august 13: pine cove.
august 14-forever: nacogdoches, texas.

all in all, i think it's going to be an amazing summer. i am confident that i'll be sitting here in three months writing about how amazing God is, how much i've learned and grown, and how much i don't want to go back to school. but for now...i miss yall. and i am sad that things won't ever again be like they were this year.

hebrews 13:8--"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

Friday, May 12, 2006

perhaps the best scrapbook ever made.

so...i was over at shauna's yesterday afternoon. and she says "hey i made you something." then she pulls out this...

the best scrapbook ever. of my entire sophomore year. full of pictures of people and trips and events and randomness...pretty much everything you could hope for in a scrapbook.

i'm not sure that this would qualify as just a "hey i made you something." but whatever, shauna.

just a few of the 42 pages...

thanks, shauna! i'll carry it with me everywhere i go.

Monday, May 08, 2006

preach it, shauna.

perhaps some foreshadowing of a future vocation?

i'm just saying...looks pretty natural to me.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


i just made this collage to be my new facebook picture. i thought it would be up the whole side of the page...because of it's ridiculous length.
then it wouldn't upload. and now i'm a little sad. so i thought i'd show it to yall. mourn with me.

edit: i kinda made it work. but i'm still unhappy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

john 12:23-28


you can tell by the title that i was going to write a post about john 12:23-39. but then, after dwelling on it...the discussion in my mind shifted to john 12:28-33...mostly just 29. then i started asking myself alot of questions. then it wasn't a very good post. it is an interesting passage, though. i just can't get all of my thoughts gathered. but i still thought you should know.


p.s. are you happy, cornelius?

Monday, May 01, 2006

the end of an era.

so...i like familiarity. change is not a desired companion in my life. i've had the same screenname for around five years. i'm not very trendy. i will most likely have the same job for 40+ years. i could eat chicken soup at all meals. i 've worn the same watch every day since 2004. i don't retire shoes until they break beyond repair. if i like things, i stick with them...friends, soap, cars, schools, sheets, whatever.

so, after wearing this ring for a bit, i knew i would like it and it would stick with me. and it did. until the fatal day...

friday, my adventure education class met at the ropes course. little did i know, it would be the worst day of my life. after repelling off the tower i took my glove off...only to see this smushed to my hand...

are you kidding me?? i don't even know how to approach the situation. well...ok...i do...i'll probably get it fixed. or replace it. but that's not the point. the point is i don't like change. and i don't like my naked finger. and i don't like messing with fixing it.

so...i leave you with this. if you look close enough, you may be able to see my hand being crushed. or not.