Tuesday, January 12, 2010


two questions that have been the basis of most my decisions lately:
  • 1. financially: how will this money best be used to advance the kingdom/show the love of Christ?
  • 2. dietary: will this food help or hinder my goal of looking hot for shauna's wedding?

two factors that will increase my blog updating:
  • 1. as of tomorrow i will have internet access at home.
  • 2. i now have memory on my computer, therefore i can share information (photos, etc.) from my home computer again.
two things i just think you should know:
  • i am now a twitter-er. it is useless but fun. follow me at twitter.com/katy_reed
  • i am in the process of hanging a shelf. i feel for some reason that it has taken a decent amount of effort. it really hasn't. but i think i will be proud when it is done. pictures to follow.
returning soon. promise.