Wednesday, August 27, 2008

manuel antonio


so, last weekend 7 of us headed to manuel antonio. it is a town on the pacific coast of costa rica. it took us about 3 1/2 hours on a bus (which only cost $5...awesome). it was a good first trip. thanks to our host dad, joe, for the recommendation.

here are a few pictures:

this is the beach that was about 100 yards from our hotel. bueno.

then we went to the national park...which was very pretty. lots of wildlife...birds, iguanas, monkeys, raccoons, etc. however, my very favorite was this:

a sloth! i have never seen a sloth in it's natural habitat. by far worth the $10 entrance fee.

a view from the top of a hike:

i'm sorry to say i didn't take more pictures. we swam at a beautiful beach in the park but i failed to take any pictures of that. sorry.

anyway...that's all i have for now.

everything is good so far.


Thursday, August 21, 2008


so...i'm in costa rica. made it safely, not big problems, etc. i'm currently in san jose, in an area called guadalupe. doing language school for 2 weeks, then we are headed to arenal (a volcano) for an orientation. the we start student teaching after that. so...that is a rundown of my next 2-3 weeks. i haven't taken any pictures yet, but plan on it.

my host home is nice. the food is pretty good. they have a dog named lucky (pronounced lookie), who peed on my workbook last night.

my friend jake and i are attempting to master the public transportation, which is easy for him and hard for me. so i guess it's good that we are together.

not much more to report.

pictures to come (after i take some).

Thursday, August 07, 2008


i think most clearly right before i fall asleep and right before i wake up. in that twilight of lingering consciousness. sometimes i wonder if that is what being high feels like and if i would be that pensive all of the time if i were high. but...i don't wonder enough to try it. maybe i should just get really tired. and start writing.

that is all.

by the way...i'm moving to costa rica in about 2 weeks. that is both paralyzing and liberating.

that is really all.