Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hole in my heart.

so...i got in my car yesterday morning and plugged my iPod in. but...it froze. straight up. this is about the 3rd time it's done this. but this time, it's not fixing. i tried plugging it in at home, but now everytime i plug it in again it gives me the "pick a language" screen. and when i try to pick a language it beeps uncontrollably, as if to say "gotcha...again". and there's nothing i can do about the beeping until it dies again. because iPods don't have batteries that you can take out. i tried.

so, anyway. i couldn't be more disappointed. i've grown quite fond of the little white wonder. and it couldn't have happened at a more inopportune time, with spring break just around the corner and all of my money going straight toward costa rica.

so...we'll try life without an iPod for a while. i mean...i did it for 19 years. it can't be that bad, right? wrong.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


i figured i would join the group and write the "odd work experience" blog. by the way, i work at the SFA post office... here it goes...

so part of my job at work is answering the phone. it's probably my least favorite part, because people are really cranky when it comes to mail, and they usually don't understand why i don't know why their mail isn't here. probably because i'm not omniscient. and they should have gotten delivery confirmation.

anyway, yesterday...

ring ring.

katy: sfa post office, this is katy.

crazy: hi katy, if i got a postage due slip in my box, will the letter be at your post office or the main one? (good question...not weird at all)

katy: it'll be here, just bring the slip and your ID to the front desk.

crazy: oh, thanks. it's my difference check and blah...blah...blah and could you PLEASE not return it to sender, because i can't come today. it's raining and i have bad diarrhea and can't make it down there.

katy: . . . uh...mam, you just sit tight. and your letter will be here tomorrow.

crazy: thank you so much.

katy: yep.

maybe you had to be there. but, it was slightly ridiculous. this was just one of many awkward moments of yesterday at the sfa post office. others include: a five minute debate concerning a woman's ability to mail a package to the UC, and my defense that all USPS mail will just come to the post office, a boy trying to flirt his way into me letting him change his forwarding over the phone, and about 309405 incorrectly addressed packages. did i mention i make 5.15 an hour?

but...i could have a worse job. or no job. so, all is good. but i am glad that i'm in college. and this job is temporary.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

i'll play.

by request of ched...

Here is how you partake in a round of Literary Lucky-Dipping:

1) Skillfully grab the book closest to you

2) Quickly open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence

3) Post the text of the following three sentences

4) Name the author and book title

5) Tag an indefinite number of people to do the same (so, it could be '0')

But the Macedonianas who head the speech were thoroughly astonished at the moment, and remained there in silence near the platform; nor when he retired did any of them accompany the king, except his personal Companions and the confidential body-guards. Though they remianed most of them had nothing to do or say; and yet they were unwilling to retire. But when the news was reported to them...they were no longer able to restrain themselves; but running in a body to the palace, they cast their weapons there in front of the gates as signs of supplication to the king.

well, this is found in A History of Western Society by McKay/Hill/Butler but i think it's actually an excerpt from The Greek Historians by Goldophin. i think.

well, ched i think yours may have been a little more exciting...although i am a little curious about the rest of this story.