Tuesday, August 22, 2006

mark zuckerberg, we need to chat.

ok...i enjoy facebook. i'm not gonna lie. however, i have seen the evolution of facebook. the adding of events and photos and away messages and phone uploads and now...a blog. are you for real?
so now facebook can act as a mail center, photo upload, online dating center (if you so choose), and now...a blog. and you can even automatically upload your blogs from blogger, so everytime you publish a post, it puts it on your facebook "notes". lame-o. facebook is becoming like the walmart of online media centers. one stop networking.
what's next: music?

facebook, be yourself. i liked the old you. the real you. come back.

Monday, August 21, 2006


well...here we are. i moved in yesterday. it's pretty homey. my room is really white. lots of bare walls.
turns out...when i decorate, my ultra-indecisive side comes out. i moved the bed 3 times today. i put up one poster in two different spots. i've held this one cross on pretty much every spot on the wall, and still haven't hung it. i'm afraid to put my books in my bookshelf, because then it's gonna be too heavy to move. and that's commitment. so yes, i guess i'm going to have to get a decisive person to come in and tell me what to do. sigh.

bsm stuff starts tonight. that's fun.

i bought a desk yesterday. it took me about 3 hours to put together. (that's about as many hours as it took shauna to hook up our internet. thanks, friend.)



Friday, August 18, 2006


so...i've been in franklin for about 4 days (on and off) now. when coming home, my mom told me that i would be encountering a few surprises. surprises like...the house is for sale, my dad got a new lawnmower, my mom got a new car, my brother moved out and bought a ghetto oldsmobile that broke down 2 days later, etc. but, the most significant warning i got before arrival was this: MUFFIN'S HAIR IS GROWING BACK!
yesssss. friends, this is big. i love me some muffin. and she has been losing hair for a long time. we can't figure it out. but my parents got her on some new meds, and according to my mom, her hair was growing. cool.
however, on arrival at home, i soon realized that my mom's information was a bit skewed. for when i opened my car door, this is what i saw:

whoa, cathy. are we looking at the same muffin? are you kidding me? that's maybe the ugliest version of my best buddy that i've ever seen. poor muff. but, ladies and gents, have no fear. they are soon to try some new remedies to cure her. after all, her 11th birthday is coming up, and who wants to spend their birthday naked?

Saturday, August 05, 2006


hi. camp has been amazing. 5 cabins in a row. maybe the most stretched i've ever been. also the most selfless i've ever been. i feel like this summer has better prepared me for a life of service to the Lord than any summer before. it's been cool. and it's not over. and i can't wait to see how it rolls over into school.
i like it. and i miss my friends. so...see you all soon. one more week. then i'm home. yep. woot.