Thursday, September 27, 2007

still kicking.

hello all. i'm still alive.
and well.

i'm headed to truett seminary to see if it (it=truett and seminary in general) is something that i might be interested in. i'm just not sure. but i think it will be a fruitful trip.

i actually like what i'm learning in school. so...that's neat.

how about a few costa rica pictures? they haven't made it on here yet (except the not-cool extremely ordinary bug [which i found AGAIN at pine cove a few weeks ago]).

the purpose of our trip was to teach Costa Ricans how to run a successful Christian camp. this was our camp.

this was my cabana. they are awesome. although, i've never spent any time with 9 year olds.

and our team got to spend some evenings hiking and being adventurous. which was very cool. that's costa rica. and i liked it very much. and now i'm considering the option of going back to student teach. however, i have realized that i like small town costa rica, and i'm not sold on large city costa rica, with the crime and traffic and discotecas.

Monday, September 10, 2007


so...i went to focus this weekend. it was unexpectedly good. not to say that it's usually bad, i just seem to find God more personally, in my day to day life, not in a large convention center. so, i just didn't expect it.
however, i indeed do feel more focused after coming back. a few fears i had lingering are now gone. and i'm excited about the future. for the first time.
and. i'm starting to develop a deep compassion/urgency toward Muslims. i feel like i need to learn a lot about their culture and beliefs. and that very soon this knowledge will be put into practice. i don't know what that means.

yes. i don't know...i'm beginning to attempt to plan out next summer and the fall semester. the possibilities are endless. innumerable. pray for me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


this post is two-fold. it could in fact be two separate posts.

so, i've realized that i really just want one big adventure before i have to settle down and get a career. i want more than just a vacation, too. i just want to do something different or dramatic that is off the beaten path. and i have figured out that this is why it is so hard for me to focus or be content here in nac. i really just want to do something. and i have no time/money to do it. and that's that.
but...i haven't given up hope. i just need to be creative.


i took this picture of a cool spider when i was in costa rica. i was kind of excited about finding such an interesting bug, because i was sure that it was exotic and regional and nearly extinct. and for sure i was one of the only people on earth that knew about such a cool creature.


i took this picture yesterday. in franklin, texas. outside my front door. unfortunate.

i guess i'm not as special as i once thought i was.