Tuesday, June 29, 2010


a few items of current gratitude:

you--you, the loyal reader.  why would you continue to follow such a sporadic, uninspired blog?  i don't know, but i'm grateful.

my friends--i have had a chance to spend some good quality time with some great people already this summer.  this includes people like ashlee stricklin, kayla herring, anne vickers, shauna swinney, alexis kissick, the extended coomer clan, and all the former SPC BSM interns.  i think often people are judged by their friends.  if this is the case, i am funny, classy, thoughtful and awesome.

rest--i don't think i can adequately describe how nice it has been to do nothing.   with no one.  i'm pretty sure i didn't know the extent of my burn-out last semester.  it has been so refreshing to spend time with the Lord on my own schedule, read what i want to, watch several entire world cup games a day, and let my phone die because it doesn't really matter.  so nice.  so very nice.

borderline poverty--this is a dramatic label.  however, i do think my experience being an intern at the bsm, and therefore making about (maybe less than) half of what i would be making otherwise, has blessed me a lot.  in college there was this understanding that if i overspent, or had an automobile malfunction, my parents would cover it.  i really wasn't poor at all.  but now, as a semi-pro trying to live independently, i am realizing how much things cost, and how many people live on less than me.  it's really eye-opening in [at least] two ways: 1) i have to prioritize.  i can't have everything.  2) i am gaining insightful perspective/compassion for people who live on limited funds (especially with children, etc.)

this list could be very long.  but, i probably wouldn't read any more if i were you.  so i will stop.  but i am grateful.  to many people, and one specific entity, for a lot that is present in my life.  it is good.


Anonymous Ched said...

"why would you continue to follow such a sporadic, uninspired blog?"

For me it's obvious: I always know that I can find a link to here in your sidebar.

7/01/2010 11:29 AM  
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