Monday, February 02, 2009

levelland, texas

a small update on my life:

i am...

-really happy where i am right now. levelland is cool. i found the section of the city that doesn't look like it's from the 70's, so that was neat. and i like my job.

-constantly hanging out with people. i have to fight the temptation to introvert (not a verb) myself, because i am somewhat overwhelmed by all the people. but, they are really cool. south plains: cooler than your average junior college. i definitely am struggling to find the balance of people to non-people time. sorry if i've back-burnered you (if you don't live in levelland). i'm learning.

-being introduced to a lot of cool music. probably because south plains has a fantastic music school (who knew?)

-learning a lot about the Lord. i want my nature to be more like His nature. but, sadly (or happily...?) i'm learning that i still have a lot more of my nature than His nature in me. it takes work.

-enjoying living on my own. my mom said i would, and she was right. and my apartment is growing on has ugly shag carpet and a window unit. other than that, it's great. although, in my 22 days of being here, i think i've had about 5 nights without a guest. i had a japanese student staying with me until she could get her housing lined out. she was pleasant, though. and now she lives 2 buildings down.

i haven't taken one picture since i came here. but as soon as i do, i will post some. i keep telling myself that once i clean my apartment and get it all set up, pictures will be taken. so...feel free to take bets on when that will happen.

ok...thanks for reading.


Blogger Becky Rabb said...

Katyreed. Just take pictures. We have all seen your room at some point or another while you were still in nac! i wanna see where you live and work! DO IT! :)

2/09/2009 3:27 PM  
Anonymous Nicola said...

oh haven't changed and I miss you here in costa! Bur glad to know things are working out for you! sounds awesome! don't be a stranger...

2/18/2009 7:45 PM  

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